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May 16, 2013
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June 5, 2013
Gorillas cute enough to be saved?


Wildlife organizations have jumped on the bandwagon in recent years to ‘save the pandas’ forgetting that there are other endangered animals in the world.

A TVC created by Ogilvy & Mather Chicago for APES (A Project of the Conservation Trust) highlights the importance of conserving all wildlife—not just the ‘cute’ ones that everyone adores.


“The panda is the ‘poster child’ for wildlife conservation and when it comes to preservation and protection, it really is ‘survival of the cutest’, not the fittest. We wanted to shine light on the ‘forgotten’ primates, centering our story around a gorilla who sadly knows his chances of protection are greater if he appears more like a panda.” said APES founder, Lee Theisen-Watt.

Are we all guilty of only liking the just the cute ones?

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