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December 30, 2011
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February 17, 2012
How a mostly stale electronic giant gets his advertising groove back down under

LG SupermodelI love to be proven wrong; from time to time. As we say back home, only idiots never change their mind.

In the last issue of Culture Pub (, I discovered a new LG commercial. And for once, I was pleasantly surprised to admit it is pretty cool.

Breaking away from their usually stale brand of advertising. You know the one where they take an otherwise pretty mundane product feature and shove it as deep as possible down our throat. The kind that makes you think you’ll never get these 30 seconds of your life back.

Well this time, they managed to make me laugh while clearly demonstrating the USP of their new vacuum cleaner. Check it out on (

Of course, it’s from Australia and they are used to raise the bar, but still, doing this on LG is a feat in itself. Kudos to George Patterson Y&R in Sydney ( A great demonstration of their “ruthlessly relevant” motto.

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