IKEA’s new catalogue 2015 is the newest best gadget

How the IKEA’s new advert spoofs Apple in a non offensive and hilarious manner.

advertising, ikea, innovationThe Swedish company IKEA is always in the front line of innovation and creativity. In both, their stylish & functional furniture industry, and the advertising campaigns they usually do. As other campaigns to remember lately “The smallest IKEA store in the world”, the way they introduce the new catalogue 2015 is in a nutshell genius, the bookbook concept.

Sometimes digital is not the solution to all our problems, but usually it helps a lot. As we say “Simple is Smart”.



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Shawarma lovers make a s’wich

s'wich packagingWe were thrilled to see one of our coolest clients, s’wich, recently open the doors of their gourmet shawarma shop in Dubai Marina to a flurry of hungry customers.

s’wich is the brainchild of entrepreneurs and shawarma addicts Fadel Belmahdi and Bader Al Khooti. The duo approached Tonic early last year with the brief to reinvent the shawarma category, putting a modern twist on the traditional Middle Eastern fare. Their vision was to provide innovative shawarmas that are healthy, fresh, upscale and, above all, customisable.

We developed a positioning that was built around the insight that people are being more experimental with their food with many using it as a means of self-expression. The idea of combining different ingredients and flavours to create something entirely new, entirely ‘you’, really resonates with today’s diners and – with over 1,000 ways to make your own sandwich – s’wich offers endless possibilities for self-expression.

The brand positioning ‘Express Yourself’ allowed us to take the concept of customisable, high-end shawarmas in a playful, engaging direction different from anything else in the market. The customised font that we created especially for the brand combined with the cheeky tone of voice and colourful photography helped to build the brand’s personality and enabled it to stand out from its competitors.

We handled all aspects of the brand development from brand strategy through to creation of the logo and visual language and its application across packaging, signage, uniforms, bike branding and stationery.

CEO and Co-Founder Fadel Belmahdi described the reaction as “overwhelming and phenomenal”.

It seems that the brand is already developing a cult following with many loyal customers returning daily for their shawarma fix. Your can see why once you’ve tasted their food; it’s absolutely delicious with unique flavour combinations that will have you craving more. We highly recommend the Portobello Mushroom s’wich and Truffle and Parmesan Fries – yum! But don’t take our word for it, order online at www.myswich.com or visit their store at Marina View Towers A, Dubai Marina.

Congratulations to Roshan!

ACA-RoshanOn Thursday 19th June, our telecom client Roshan was recognised at the Asia Communication Awards 2014 winning the prestigious Social Contribution Award and being nominated for Best Brand and we were there in Singapore to celebrate with them.

Asia Communication Awards celebrate the success of telecom companies in Asia and for Roshan to be nominated and also win an award was truly magnificent.

Roshan won the Social Contribution Award due to the continuous support to their nation, helping children to get an education, families to get the healthcare they need and villages to gain access to clean drinking water.

Well done Roshan, this was well deserved.


Submitted by: Alice Antoniotti


Islamuddin Amiri visits Tonic

photo 2Yesterday, whilst Islamuddin Amiri  was on his holiday in Dubai, he popped in for a visit to the Tonic offices to talk about the many up and coming projects that he will be involved in this year.  It was great to see and catch up with him, as he is very busy and the office was very excited to have a celebrity here.

Roshan began celebrating the football mania of the World Cup earlier this year with the arrival of their new ambassador Islamuddin Amiri – Captain of the Afghanistan national football team (some say he is the David Beckham of the Afghani world).

To mark this fantastic signing by Roshan, we made a completely new and football focused TVC for locals.


Roshan also used this national hero for print and outdoor to help portray not only Roshan’s unity but also many of Roshan’s products/promotions.

Keep a look out for more exciting and unexpected things to come from Roshan and Tonic.


Submitted by: Victoria Adamson


Very Good Manners – Red Cross Poland

My favorite campaigns are those that are simple, yet straight-to-the target, especially if you can help to those who are in great need of help. Here is an example of very simple idea for a very complex topic.

VeryGoodMannersPolish agency Cheil collaborated with numerous restaurants across Poland within the Very Good Manners campaign to raise awareness and money for malnourished children throughout Poland. According to statistics, one in four children can’t afford a regular hot meal.

To make the act as simple as possible, the agency came up with the use of cutlery as a symbolic gesture, which will be followed by donation. Restaurant visitors are invited to arrange their cutlery into a cross after they are finished, a symbol that is then interpreted as a signal for adding an extra 5 Zloty (1.5 Euros) to their bill as a donation to the Polish Red Cross.

An extension of the campaign will soon happen in other European countries such as France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. Here are the campaign deliveries in Poland:

Very Good Manners started as a 4-week trial with almost no budget and in just 4 restaurants. The only media used were simple paper table mats with campaign message. In the first two weeks Very Good Manners were mentioned by major TV and radio stations, newspapers and internet portals reaching more than 6 000 000 people and generating over 100 000 EUR of earned media and a huge buzz in social media.

Implementing Very Good Manners in just 4 restaurants increased the amount of regular donations to the Polish Red Cross’ ‘Decent Childhood’ fund by 90% and over 30 new restaurants contacted the Polish Red Cross to join the project.





Google doodles, each day a story to be told

I’ve always been curious to understand the whole concept behind Google Doodles, which are well known and enjoyed by millions around the world. And today I wanted to share this amazing fact with our readers.

Doodles are the spontaneous changes that are made to the Google logo in celebration of holidays, anniversaries and the lives of famous artists, pioneers and scientists who have helped shape history.

In 1998, Brin and Page (Google founders) took the weekend off to go to Burning Man festival in Nevada. The doodle (shown above) was used as a message to users as an out of office reply. From there the idea of decorating Google’s logo to mark cultural moments was born. As a result, the below cool executions were added:

Halloween -1999
Thanksgiving -1998

 Ideas come from all over including Google employees and users like us! The team meets weekly for brainstorming sessions but four times a year does an official review of all the ideas to come up with a schedule of about 90 doodles. Since 1998 there have been over 2,000 doodles on their home pages around the world. You can see them all here or catch one on your Google home page (You have to check each day because they come as a surprise)

One of my favorites was done for Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary, where you can play the actual game:


The doodle team is always excited to hear new ideas. Go ahead & email them at proposals@google.com. You never know when you see your Doodle on Google ;) 

Social Media in the UAE (February Report)

One month more of how social media is changing and growing in the United Arab Emirates. The year has started with a lot of energy, maybe because of the Expo2020 or due the fast growing economy of the UAE. But the truth is that the social media is one of the fastest growing industries inside the advertising sector.

Check out the Top 5 brands in Facebook this month, they haven move since last month, Souq.com, Samsung, Emirates, McDonald’s Arabia and Burberry.

The changes in Twitter makes it the most rapid and fastest network in terms of notoriety and exposure, Etisalat UAE, Du, icflix, Etihad Airways and Nokia UAE.

In Youtube the things change as per the tv or online commercial that each company launches from time to time. This month are Nokia UAE, Emirates, The Du Channel, Etisalat Channel and icflix. 

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Social Media in the UAE (January Report)

As the digital economy penetrates the Middle East, social media gets bigger and bigger. After watching how the progression from the social media industry begun in the early years of the century in United States, and evolved in Europe. Now the Middle East is catching up in a very highly and engaging way in the arab countries.

The rapid growth of the social networks in this part of the region, Dubai, is not reflecting the real truth of other arab countries. But there is more and more penetration each year, understanding the true meaning of social media as freedom of expression and a new human channel for brands to communicate with customers. And even more, to engage through entertaining content, not only advertising the products and services.

United Arab Emirates, the most advanced and innovative country in the region keeps learning and growing. But there is still lot of work to be done. Brands are here to stay and introduce their social channels in the companies strategy is a must for them as you can see in the reports. As you can see per socialbakers January report, this month the top 5 brands in Facebook are Souq.com, Samsung, Emirates, McDonald’s Arabia and Burberry. While in Twitter the top 5 are Etisalat, Du, Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and icflix. Youtube despite the strong neighbor market, Saudi Arabia, is performing great with top 5 brands as DownTown Dubai, Etihad Airways, Nokia UAE, Emirates and Atlantis The Palm Dubai. 

Socialbakers, social media, social media reports middle eastSocialbakers, social media, social media reports middle eastSocialbakers, social media, social media reports middle eastSocialbakers, social media, social media reports middle eastSocialbakers, social media, social media reports middle eastSocialbakers, social media, social media reports middle east

Socialbakers, social media, social media reports middle eastSocialbakers, social media, social media reports middle eastSocialbakers, social media, social media reports middle eastSocialbakers, social media, social media reports middle eastSocialbakers, social media, social media reports middle east

Pepsi Max brings you the Unbelievable

Pepsi Max surprise commuters with an ‘unbelievable’ augmented reality experience at a bus shelter on New Oxford Street in London. Unbelievable feats and experiences created for you by Pepsi Max.

Watch their reactions as unbelievable scenarios unfold before their very eyes; from a giant robot crashing through the street to a passer by being abducted by flying saucers.