Audi Middle East Photographer + Luerzers 200 Best


Automotive and lifestyle photographer Steffen Schrägle has been selected as one of Luerzers Archive’s 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide. The shots chosen reflect his unique perspective towards automotive photography.

Tonic commissioned Steffan for the the Audi Middle East to shoot the of the A5 Product Improvement in 2012 and these shots feature in the Luerzers Archive.

Check out more of Steffen’s award-winning work, here.

The low-down on ads downunder

Australian ads, Australia, Commercial, TVC, Tonic International, Wael BittarIt was no white Christmas for me. I spent it in Australia. And while I got a good dose of Australian humor around the barbie (BBQ), it turns out the most memorable moments were inspired by TV ads. My little niece couldn’t stop singing “10 ways to die” on the train into town. My aunt kept pestering her sister, asking, “She bought a what? She bought a Jeep?”, quoting the new Jeep ads. Probably the funniest moment was a trip to the mall with my cousins. They wore brown socks and flip flops with boardshorts. They took a look at each other and said, “Hello beer.” Finally, on a different note, “Never been royal” has probably never been more popular since its use in the Samsung ad.


Australians love their ads. I certainly do too.

Original text from Wael Bittar (General Manager)

My day on court

BLOG PIC 1In December we finalised all the work for the 2013 Mubadala World Tennis Championship. With events, there are always tight deadlines, last minute jobs, tons of deliverables, pressure and pressure and more pressure. However, all the pressure and the negative energy have been vanquished on the first day of the tournament when me and my team were there and saw our work live in the venue. It’s an amazing feeling to find a huge crowd of people having so much fun with something you were a part of.

Once we reached the venue and met our client, it was a totally different meeting than before. It wasn’t about discussing any briefs, timelines or budgets, it was just about enjoying the event we’ve worked on, see our work and have fun.

It was an amazing experience to see 6 of the world’s top 10 in this event. We had the opportunity to watch official matches, see top players practicing, get  their autographs and have pictures with them. The best part for me when I was offered to do the coin toss for the tournament’s first match which was between David Ferrer (ranked 3rd ) & Stanislas Wawrinnka (ranked 8th). I entered the match court along with the referee and asked David Ferrer “heads or tails” and he replied “Heads”. Then I tossed the coin and it was tails for Wawrinka’s advantage. Then I had a photo with both players and left the court.

It goes to show that there are sometimes great rewards from clients for all the hard work that goes into a job.

Words by: Amr Mokhtar

My end-of-year favourite

BLOG PIC 1By now I think I have seen my fair share of Christmas TVC’s this year and I am listing the Harvey Nichols “Sorry, I spent it on myself” as my 2013 favourite.

I love it because it stands apart from the others and you would never expect someone, at this time of the year,  to be portrayed as self-indulgent.  And come on admit it, sometimes you just wish you could to spend it on yourself.  Happy Holidays everyone.



Last night I was driving home listening to Dubai Eye Drive Live with Tim Elliott and Richard Dean.  I was then stranded in a traffic jam and was able to [safely] sms the show to try and win their book of the week from Magrudy’s.  I received a sms at the end of the show saying I had won!

I was super excited as I have never won anything before.  The book is Antifragile.  Things that Gain from Disorder.  Described by the Economist as “the secret to success in a world full of uncertainty, a system for turning random mutations to lasting advantage…”

After I have unlocked the secret to success, the book will then go in to our Tonic Book Club for other Tonicians to read, review and debate.

The only time I have been really happy to be stuck in a traffic jam.  Thanks Tim and Richard.


Audi RS/R8 Event

BLOG PIC_02We recently had the opportunity of branding and attending the Audi RS/R8 event. The event was held here in Dubai at the Autodrome where dealers and customers from regional and international markets attended.

Visitors were lucky enough to drive the R8 V10 Plus around the track at the Autodrome and then take a scenic drive around Dubai in Audi RS 5, RS 6 and RS 7. The shiny RS’s were lined up outside the Autodrome and it was an awesome sight.

Mamta had the opportunity to take the scenic drive in RS 5 and RS 7 which included visits to the Audi showroom on Sheikh Zayed road, The Farm in Al Barari, a stop over in the desert (where we got to take pictures with a falcon that had a hood with RS branding) and back to the Autodrome. Driving the RS 7 especially was something that Mamta will continue to gush about for at least another 3 months.

Batman for a day

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 1.20.33 PM

As you know from our past posts, we and our clients are keen supporters of make a wish foundation.  This week we can actually see for real how this happens when Miles – a 5 year leukemia patient  – gets to be Batman for a day.

It was also great to see social media used to help support Miles in his very important role.  The San Francisco community were asked to cheer him on around the city and via Twitter with the hashtag #SFBatKid.

See how it unfolds here.

Lego. Let’s Build.

It’s that time of the year when we start to see some of the best and some of the worst TVCs for Christmas.  This one is the first one that I think could be on the “best” list.

Touching Lego TVC

A father bonds with his son in this TVC that shows how Lego brings out the “big kid” in everyone by allowing them to tap into their creative potential.

The TVC introduces the “let’s build” strapline with the story being told through the eyes of a child to give the child’s perspective of how parents become teammates when playing with Lego.

Well done Lego and well done WE ARE PI.


PUMA acts local

I love it when big brands think global and act local.

I came across this gem for PUMA and bike riding in Dubai.

Fishtail Rides has been born out of a feeling and a need to reconnect with the streets of the city again. They are a series of fixed gear bicycle rides where every ride is unique, providing a platform where a community of like-minded people from different backgrounds can come together and ride. Each one will show a different side to the city, introducing people once more to the sights, sounds and smells of the streets. It’s not a race, or a fancy fitness group, it’s as simple as people + fixies = good times.


Fishtail Rides will be kicking off this month, stay tuned for how you can be part of it on Facebook.