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April 27, 2011
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December 18, 2011
Saving the world’s oceans one marine reserve at time

New work: Paddle for the Planet

What started out as a hobby became a global call for change on World Environment Day. Tonic’s very own Scott Clephane (Creative Director, Branding) made the initiative to encourage a group of like-minded individuals composed of friends, professional athletes, singers, songwriters and National Geographic photographers to increase awareness of the terrible things happening to the world’s oceans today. Spreading the word through the P4P website, social media and personal contacts, the cause went global, with its very first event bringing together paddling enthusiasts from over 50 countries in the world on 5th June 2011 (World Environment Day).

With participants around the globe paddling together over a 24-hour period on the same day in every time zone (a global relay event), enough funds were raised from donations globally to buy new boats to patrol the Daram Marine Reserve in the Raja Ampat Islands in Northwest Papua, Indonesia, an area under threat from unregulated fishing practices.

Paddle for the Planet’s first event was focused on getting the word out and getting people to start paddling but the next few years will focus more on encouraging key people to join the effort and raise more money for selected marine reserves around the world. Visit the website for pictures from the event, artwork that you can download, and information on how you too can be Paddling for the Planet.

While banners and artwork were available to download on the website for people to use on the day, it was incredible to see how some people in remote areas like Sri Lanka and Madagascar recreated the logo as they had no printing resources available!

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