The gift that keeps on giving
November 18, 2012
Do you love or loathe the world’s favourite font?
November 25, 2012
A Tonic lunch on Dubai Eye radio

It was a while back and we’ve been so busy we completely forgot to talk about this.

Tonic was well represented on Dubai Eyed during the 120 Show on 11 October 2012. Siobhan Leyden and Carlo dei Tedeschi invited Anne Jafery, a serial entrepreneur, and Arnaud Verchère founder of Tonic International to discuss recent news stories.

The podcast is long and broken down in 8 parts.

First a brief introduction of the presenters, Siobhan and Carlo, Anne and I.

Then we discuss Anne’s first topic and raising kids through “Full-time CEO doesn’t equal part-time mum”.

In part 3 we discuss my first topic and advertising effectiveness through “an ad by DDB NY for” The ad intelligently compares 1st world “problems” with real 3rd world problems. This conversation is continued in the next section.

In part 5, into the second hour, we discuss Siobhan’s topic of online password. Half way through we also start discussing Anne’s topic on “I would love on you”.

In the next part, you can hear a lively discussion on my topic of  Bill Gates on a mission to eradicate Polio, but also what we are in love with.

The last two parts are a 30 minute interview of Kim Rowles, CEO of Pod You Like.



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