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September 11, 2014
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November 2, 2014
GEee, how ironic!

When you think GE you probably think: ideas, innovation, technology, originality, or as their slogan says “Imagination at Work”. I thought so too, until I saw their recent “Ideas are Scary “ TV ad.


The TV commercial advocates for a culture of idea nurturing. GE created an odd and fairly scary character that could be the love child of Ferbie and ET had they gotten together, and used it to symbolize how ideas are strange and people that come up with them could be treated as outcasts at some point; but that if given the correct care, these ideas will flourish to become innovations that shape the future.

Very GE- right? Wrong!
This same exact concept was developed by SNCF, the National society of French Railways in their ad ‘Les Idées d’avance’ in 2006. The only difference is that instead of following a single creature, the creature (the symbol for an idea) comes out as a blob from people’s heads.



To be very fair, the idea is a great one and is a flexible concept that could be adopted by any organization, as it sells a thought rather than a product. It just struck me as completely ironic that out of all companies to ‘recycle’ this concept (if they must), it was GE: the pioneers of innovation.


What’s next? Nivea creates Real Beauty for men?

Submitted by Reem Al Shak’a

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