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September 17, 2013
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September 22, 2013
Newbies, newbies everywhere. Part 1

We’ve been so busy I completely forgot to introduce all our new Tonicians. Now I’m faced with so many I’ll have to split these posts into three parts.

I’ll start with the not-so-new Newbies. Those who have already been with us for 6 months or so.

Amr MokhtarAmr Ehab Mokhtar was born and raised in his hometown Alexandria, Egypt.

He majored in Marketing at the Arabic Academy for Science & Technology (AAST) and once graduated, he started seeking his dream of advertising.

Amr started his career in a small agency in Alex and then moved to Cairo working for local ad agencies.  The situation in Cairo being what it is he had the foresight to move to Dubai where he landed at Tonic Communications as an Account Executive.

He handles clients like Audi, PZ Cussons, Sowwah Square, Mubadala World Tennis Championship, Community Development Authority and Tetley Tea.

Amr finds Tonic to be the best place for people who love their career and want to explore and learn more about advertising.

What he prefers in Tonic is that he can find passionate colleagues to work with, helping him to achieve his goals and develop iconic campaigns. In Tonic, he thinks it’s not about just doing the tasks that were mentioned in the job description then going home. It’s about believing that the effort you give will make a difference.

Christina MarshallChristina Marshall joins us a Senior Business Executive in Tonic Branding, which she sees as a refreshing new challenge having previously worked on the advertising side for four years. Having lived in the UAE for 26 years, she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Media & Communications and is currently pursuing her Masters in Business Administration.

Over the last four years, she has worked across several sectors ranging from FMCGs to automotive to retail, with a client list including Pampers, Baskin Robbins, Mazda, Bank Muscat and City Centre’s in Fujairah and Oman and among others.

While advertising still remains her passion, she hopes that working in branding presents opportunities to learn different skill sets such as brand strategy and development and how to consistently reinforce brand perception consistently through various touch points to consumers.

Christina believes that broadening her scope will help her to become a more versatile and resourceful individual in terms of enhancing the agency’s creative output as well as the clients’ marketing plan.

Ghada al ZibdehGhada al Zibdeh is Jordanian with a Palestinian origin. She was born and raised in Dubai where she graduated from the American University of Sharjah with a degree in Multimedia Design.

Since then, she chose to work as a designer in the Branding field. Her journey started with Landor Associates and lasted for 2 years where she worked on several projects and clients such as Qatar Museums Authority, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority and more.

In Tonic, she’s getting the chance to work on projects that reflect more her personality and her love to fashion, food and bright colours.

She is looking forward to getting more exposure from working on interesting brands both local and international and she believes that Tonic has already helped her achieve that and still looking for more of that experience with such a great team and a creative atmosphere.

Lara DjuricaninLara Djuricanin was born in ’80 in a very vibrant and uber-hip city – Belgrade (Serbia). However she’s lived most of her life in Warsaw, where she graduated Journalism and Political Science at the University of Warsaw.

Since 12 years old her dream was to become Vogue Serbia’s editor in chief. She didn’t yet, however at the age of 24 she became Deputy editor of Time Out Belgrade. After a couple of years of media experience in Belgrade she moved to Dubai and landed a couple of media jobs before joining Tonic Media.

Here she is focusing on creative media executions as it’s the creativity in media, and art in general that interest her. She’s always hungry for knowledge and has an insatiable curiosity, so in Tonic she’s looking for experience, rather than fame.

She always says that she prefers to be the person behind the camera. Especially when she sees the kind of people who are becoming famous today (wrong role models:)).

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