December 10, 2013
First batch of new Tonicians of 2014
February 12, 2014
Tonic End-of-Year Celebrations

I can’t believe it’s the end of the year again. I know we had fun and it’s been a crazy good year for Tonic but still, where did it all go?

Well, anyway, it’s time to show you what we got up to celebrate the end of the year. It all started with a pretty tamed lunch …

X'Mas Intro pic

…and secret santa in the office.

Secret Santa

Followed by the yearly tradition of giving away non-sensical awards.


Then things took a serious turn for the worse when we spent 2 hours at Sega Republic.
Sega Republic

After this we went to a fantastic Thai dinner followed by more things, but by then nobody was in any shape to take any photo or remember any details… It was a fun night to celebrate a fun year.


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  1. Yarafz says:

    It was indeed an unforgettable, amazing day!

    Thanks for the invitation Tonicians ;)

    Missed you all loads

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