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August 17, 2009
Tonic Cairo – An Office With A View

This could soon be the view from our new office in Cairo. OK, I admit it’s been through a few Photoshop filters to remove the smog, but you know… Let’s hope the Nile brings us the same creative energy we’ve had here in Dubai over the years. If you’re keen to come up with award winning ideas while staring out the window at this view, then call Khaled now and all of this could be yours :)


  1. thomas says:

    >The minaret is not straight.

  2. >Hi Khaled, My name is Habi, I am a creative director at Icon Communications.I used to work for Y&R Cairo, then in San Francisco. At a certain point I hated advertising,and became a fan of adbusters! I moved back to Egypt and decided to concentrate on branding, graphic design and print campaigns the way I see it. Frustrated from the market in Egypt i began to look for design studios in Italy, France or Lebanon, until last week, when I stumbled upon Tonic through a creative newsletter I received offering a portfolio review with Vincent Raffray, that's how I got the chance to know Tonic! I am glad to know that you have an office in Egypt and I would love to be part of Tonic team in Cairo.Please find my Resumé and Portfolio at: G.

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