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October 20, 2015
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December 20, 2015
13 Things to know before you become a Tonician



  1. We all have cool titles on our business cards, so pick yours very carefully. It needs to be creative. We are judgmental folk and will not be kind when teasing you for your lame-o title
  2. All our lunch conversations (and throughout the day) are about TV shows. We are obsessed with TV shows! So you need to be up to date with TV and know when Fargo’s season 2 airs the first episode and what happened on the last episode of Game of thrones!
  3. We are also obsessed with food. Tonic is going to be hard for you is you are happy eating cardboard. If you know the hidden food gems that serve the best biryani – we are all ears. (and we automatically like you) Be warned, if it is a poor food recommendation you will lose some serious points.
  4. We are extremely politically incorrect. Yes, there are several jokes and remarks that are passed around, and you better be thick-skinned. However we can afford to be politically incorrect because no one nationality is a majority in Tonic. No, we don’t have a mafia.
  5. We don’t believe in cubicles or personal offices. Everyone sits next to each other regardless of title and in some cases discipline. We do have meeting rooms for brainstorming, gossiping and napping.
  6. We are an opinionated bunch. If you are a yes-man (or woman) then Tonic isn’t right for you. It just means that you don’t care enough. #SorryNotSorry
  7. We LOVE to party! Halloween, Christmas, 3 kingsmen, birthdays, baby showers – all a big deal! Participation in these events is important. Oh, and for Christmas, we have mean Tonic awards that we give out to the staff.
  8. Know your history! You need to know the fundamentals. If you do not know about the Apple 1984 commercial or the Old Spice campaign or the Red Bull Felix Baumgartner activation – we don’t have anything to discuss.
  9. Once you have been Tonic’d, it never leaves you. We are still in touch with ex-colleagues, they come by and say hi often and some of them even come back to work at Tonic.
  10. Never, ever, ever think of using Mamta’s red polka dot mug…unless you are ready to face the consequences.
  11. A lot of important discussions happen by the Nespresso machine – so being a mocha-head is a plus.
  12. We don’t like ‘Normal’. Normal is boring. If you are quirky, passionate and celebrate your idiosyncrasies (and everyone else’s) then you are right for Tonic.
  13. We classify people we interview as Sunshine people and Sunset people. We only hire Sunshine people.


-Mamta Varerkar

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  1. Ahmed Samy says:

    I’ve read it just now, it was too late

    Thank God I didn’t use Mamta’s mug, I’m save! and have enough time to work on the rest of things.

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