Tony Ting’s Afghanistan experience

“In total, I spent seven days in Kabul. Before I boarded the plane, I wrote a will. I’m just kidding. The danger in Kabul was real. But I never felt my life was in danger at all. When I was there, Roshan put my safety first. I don’t have many pictures to show because I was told not to take any pictures when there were soldiers and policemen. Everywhere I looked, there were soldiers and policemen. It’s a pity because Kabul is absolutely stunning with its majestic mountains. I enjoyed the food, especially the fruits and vegetable. I was told they were locally farmed. They were 100% organic. I didn’t know cucumbers could actually be sweet, until I tasted one in Kabul.  When things are calmer, I would like to visit Kabul as a full-fledged tourist.”

– Tony Ting