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March 5, 2012
U.S. Lawmakers Consider Facebook Post Mortem Law
March 17, 2012
How social rewards can truly be instant gratification

The challenge with most social rewards programs is that there’s usually a middleman to contend with. This ends up making the experience far from seamless, not to mention open to glitches and painful customer service. The best intentions are usually sacrificed at the altar of shoddy redemption. American Express however has come up with an innovation that seems to take out all the pain from social rewards.

You simply sync your American Express credit card with Twitter. Once this is done, you keep a look-out for special hash tags like #Amexbeach, #Amexcoffee, #Amexdining etc. These hashtags could be directly from Amex or even from the brands themselves. When you tweet the hashtags, you’ll have the offer loaded directly onto your saved card. All you then have to do is to visit the retail location, swipe your card to avail the offer! No coupons, no short codes… nothing!


A few of the offers currently available on the Amex Twitter page (@AmericanExpress) include:

Tweet #AmexZappos, get $10 back 1x on next $75+ online purch w/synced Amex Card!

Tweet #Amex1800flowers, get $10 back 1x on next $50+ online purch w/synced Amex Card!

Tweet #AmexMcDonalds, get $5 back 1x on next $5+ in store purch w/synced Amex Card!

This is intelligent instant gratification taken to a whole new level. Amex is able to promote increased usage of their cards and gain social mentions while enabling users to get hold of great savings instantly. Win-win for both with Twitter being the free-to-use platform of choice.

“Sync. Tweet. Save.” Is being showcased at SXSW 2012. It is currently only available to users in the USA. Wonder when some savvy bank and retailers in the UAE will implement something like this? Any takers?

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