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February 3, 2008
Bic Campaign
February 11, 2008
Animal rights and wrong

Not only are we lucky enough to live in a place where the sun shines almost every day, but we also get the opportunity to brainstorm on the beach and that’s exactly where we were when we came across this cheetah. Yes a cheetah on the beach, in the water, on a lead – only in Dubai. My dog was crapping itself. She belongs to one of the Sheiks that live nearby and her handler was taking her for a walk. The locals often keep wild animals and as an animal loving, vegetable eating (well almost) South African, I had a few words to say to the handler. A beautiful animal like this deserves to be running free in the bush chasing gazelles and climbing trees. It shouldn’t be someone’s play toy attracting attention on a public beach.


  1. Anonymous says:

    >Wow. That animal is absolutely gorgeous. It so does not deserve to have a leash around it’s neck, to be reduced to a glorified pet.

  2. Kim Wareham says:

    >Hey Vince. You’re supposed to be brainstorming. Get back to work.

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