Tonic gets a taste of Riyadh
November 5, 2008
Little Teo
November 25, 2008
Apocalypse Now

My Troops make me proud! Tonic completely annihilated the competition tonight at the AdNation Paintball Tournament :)

Thanks to “Fast” Dennis, “You-Won’t-Have-Time-To-Say” Arno, “Rabid” DogBoy, “Precision” Makram, “I’ll-Make-It-Personal” Andre, “Wondering” Kris, “Late” Haytham, umm Iya’s husband and Iya as official cheerleader and professional photo-reporter… we won both legs of the elimination round. We are therefore in the 1/4 finals and more if we continue kicking ass the way we did with the Active’s and UM7’s.

You see, we’re not just an award-winning, super-creative, ridiculously good looking agency!

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