Mural Drawing Fools
August 28, 2008
Culture Pub
September 21, 2008
BK Joe

For those of you who actually read our blog and don’t just look at the pretty pictures, you’ll know that we recently won the Burger King Account. A lot of people have been wondering what we’ll be doing for them – wonder no more. Here are some of the first bits of creative done on this really great account with a lot of awesome work to follow.

These will roll out in Print, as Posters and Tray Liners.

Creative Director – Vincent Raffray
Art Director – Diya Ajit
Copywriter – Kris Richardson


  1. Mouna says:

    >luv the freshness and comic humor…i know coffee is brown and all….but i feel the ads need a burst of color

  2. Aisha says:

    >amazing illustrations and concept!!

  3. Aisha says:

    >amazing illustrations and concept!!

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