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June 12, 2009
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September 1, 2009
Most ‘Pop’ Irritating Web ‘Pop’ Banner EVER!

Don’t you ‘pop’ hate it when ‘pop’ you’re trying ‘pop’ to view a video on ‘pop’ YouTube or chat ‘pop’ to a friend on FaceBook ‘pop’ and your conversation ‘pop’ is interrupted by the most ‘pop’ annoying sound ever ‘pop’. It’s annoying enough having to look at these crap banners on every page we visit, do we have to listen to them too!


  1. Andy says:

    >Suoer annoying. And there is no way to turn down the volume or delete it. I might switch to Du just to prove a point.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Toniciers have gone silent.Blog soon!

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