Relevant safety campaign for drivers in Dubai!
October 5, 2006
Ramadan Kareem from Nando’s
October 11, 2006
Suicides on the rise

Suicides are increasing in Dubai according to Monday’s Emirates Today. The main reason for suicide according to experts is severe depression and other psychological disorders. There are currently around 20 suicides reported every month. We developed an ad campaign a couple of month ago for one of our clients, BAFCO, portraying office furniture committing suicide. Our intention was never to ridicule the act of suicide which is a sad and disturbing act. What’s interesting thou is touching the taboo topic in this region, that usually likes to stay away from this more touchy subjects. After the launch we got a lot of attention, both in media and by readers. Some criticized it, some some praised it. What’s positive to know is that we never got a call from any censor organ or ministry to pull the ad of circulation. Which leads to two possible conclusions: 1.They were too busy trying to find naked women’s pictures in other publications. 2. The censorship laws are slowly getting more tolerant and letting a more open opinion circulate. Who knows they might call tomorrow…

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