Have a Tonic with your Burger
June 1, 2008
The “No Fun” Diet
June 25, 2008
What happens in Cannes…

This year we managed to rub shoulders with the best in the industry and get some serious “networking” done… ok, ok, we partied till the sun came up and went down again. We drank rosé like it was water and did a lot of things that I can’t really mention on this blog. But for those of you that made it a week to remember (you know who you are), thanks for the laughs, the fun and the memories and please allow us to reciprocate next time you’re in Dubai :

The UAE and the region is just getting better and better, with a number of agencies shortlisted and a few winning Gold and Silver. The Film Gold and Titanium still eludes us though, but there’s always next year. 2009, here we come (Burp)…

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