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A recipe for success – Tonic’s new HR Policy

Hero-image-v3The advertising industry can be a cruel one to its employees. Ambitious clients, tight deadlines & the constant need for quality work can create an environment full of stress & resentment. This is where Tonic comes in.

Looking closely within, we wanted to change the way we treat our most important asset – our people. We wanted to treat them like responsible grown ups, and help them achieve a work/life balance, and encourage them to leave the office more & even work from home. The objective is to make our people happier, and to achieve a more positive atmosphere at the office.

Inspired by the latest HR techniques implemented by GE, The Virgin Group, Twitter & Netflix among others, our new HR policy was revised with the following additions:
– Flexible working hours where employees can leave early if they come in early.
– The option of working part-time
– Self-managed (Unlimited) leave days.

Watch this video to see how 4 Tonicians used the self-managed leave to perform a needed medical operation, attain an MBA degree, spend more time with their family & take care of their newborn children.

We asked other Tonicians how they will use their time, and the answers ranged from those of the athletes who wanted to practise their favourite sport for more hours, the adventurous who wanted to travel to different places around the world, the social butterflies who wanted to catch up with their friends & family, to even the settlers who just wanted to sit back, relax and enjoy their preferred books or video games.

The question is always in the air: “What’s the secret to success?”. Agencies in the region take pride in pushing their resources to the limit & burning the midnight oil to stay competitive, but it more often than not results in substandard work that lacks creativity, and a daily sight of fatigued employees & tired eyes. After all, you can’t force creativity out of people if you take away their freedom. Tonic’s secret is a leap of faith to give their people the required breathing space to ignite their motivation & imagination.

And it’s working well. Look no further than our clients for a testimonial that the last year’s work has been amongst the finest an agency has produced. Audi, Wendy’s, DP World, Roshan Telecom & Emaar (to name a few) will vouch for it. Judge for yourself by visiting our website or attending the Dubai Lynx international festival of creativity.

So there you have it, a breakthrough HR policy aimed to increase the happiness of the employees to result in better quality work. Because it’s not about the number of hours you spend at an agency that matter, it’s the quality of the output that makes a communication strategy stand out amongst the rest. We’re starting to feel the positive vibes already.

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