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A trip to space – for real


I have posted before about the “possibility” in the “near future” about flying into space, but this is the real deal – and within 1 year.

Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia are holding a contest in which the person who logs the most miles on those airlines between now and Aug 2012 gets to experience the next level of airborne travel—as a passenger on a Virgin Galactic suborbital space flight. Of course, you have to sign up for Elevate, the company’s frequent-flier program, to be eligible. According to the contest rules, the Virgin Galactic flight is valued at $200,000. Virgin will also throw in a check for $85,700 to cover the intricate taxes associated with such a flight. The person who comes in second will get a taste weightlessness aboard a zero-gravity flight, courtesy of ZERO-G. Super cool!