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Batman Premier in the UAE

We were very lucky and super excited to receive an exclusive red carpet invite to the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises from our friends at  Shooting Stars.  We had a lucky draw and the winning tickets went to Chris.  Here is his feedback on the movie:-

Batman returns for The Dark Night Rises. A cinematic joy watched on Dubai’s largest screen at the Meydan IMAX. With your peripheral vision filled from eyeball edge to eyeball edge the film truly engulfs you. However a bit long, Batman returned with more vigour and superhero action than ever (albeit towards the end of the film), but it still stands as one of my all time favourite film epics. Well worth a watch.

By Chris Hubert – Film critic to Tonic International.

The Dark Knight Rises is screening at the Maydan IMAX theatre in the Dubai from August 16 onwards.  Check out screening times at