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Before and After, First or Last

In Tonic, we believe that when pitching we should always be the first or last to present. What we usually mean is that we would rather be the last.

Well, last week, we went first. We made it count. We made sure to raise the bar as high as possible. But I think it’s what followed just after the pitch that definitely made it count.

Thank you for our friends from the upcoming Yas Waterworld water park, we were pitching their neighbour: Ferrari World.

I think the pitch went well enough but the kicker was the free VIP ride into the Formula Rossa. The world’s fastest roller coaster. What they don’t tell you is that it gets to 240km/h in 5 seconds.

See the before…

And after.

It was amazing. The corners are mind blasting.

Best stress-reliever ever.