Branding Image

Burger King Ambient Stamp

Burger King wanted to communicate that they are open until 4am. We wanted to target those that were up that late – the partygoers. To do this, we simply modified the entrance stamps that partygoers usually get when entering a club. This was our attempt to jog the inebriated memories of those looking for a late night snack. Not only did we suggest Burger King as a possible destination, since they are open until 4am, but we also gave partygoers simple directions to follow (or to mumble/show to a taxi driver)

Dubai’s main traffic artery is Sheikh Zayed Road. Six lanes in both directions (with the Sea on one side and a desert on the other) that are broken down into 7 major intersections (Int 1, Int 2, etc). When you give directions in Dubai, you must give the closest intersection to exit or you will be unable to find your way. On our stamp, we’ve given the locations of the Burger King Restaurants located directly off of the individual intersections that were closest in proximity to the bar selected.