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Where are all these new Tonicians coming from? And where do they want to go?

This summer saw a new batch of new Tonicians joining our happy family. Please join me in welcoming Rebecca, Anton and M.S.

Rebecca Killick, joins us as an Account Executive

Rebecca comes to us from New Zealand where she has spent the last two years back in her home country after a youth of travel and adventure through Europe and wherever in the world her fancy took her.

With vast experience in advertising in both the UK and New Zealand and a stint in television production, her love of creative original work and people has drawn her back to her advertising roots and she has happily found her ideal role with Tonic.

She is looking forward to her new life in Dubai, where she can engage her passion for all things creative and her curious nature which is keen to explore the Middle East and neighbouring countries, meeting people and indulging in her love of food, wine and art.

Anton Marais, English Copywriter, storyteller

Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, otherwise known as the Mother City. Contrary to popular belief, he claims that all South Africans do not grow up blowing the Vuvuzela. Instead he grew up playing video games, going to school and trying to learn Xhosa. The first two went pretty well, but he still can’t speak Xhosa.

He did his copywriter training at AAA School of Advertising and worked in the ad industry in South Africa before moving to Dubai in 2008.

Now he’s the new copywriter at Tonic (or as Lawrence dubbed him – “Elastic Band no. 2”). After only 10 days, he’s still finding his feet. So far he’s touched on a little bit of many things since he’s joined. It seems safe to say he’ll be working on all our clients as time goes on.

He’s excited about having joined such a friendly, dynamic team. He appreciates that everyone has been so welcoming and he looks forward to absorbing some of the genius that his colleagues have to offer. He’s here to do great work and finds it rewarding to be part of a company that values creativity. He also looks forward to winning an award too. Until then he’ll take pleasure in buying his first car in Dubai. Goodbye crappy rental! Hello A/C that works!

M.S., aka Mohamed Kotait joins as a Graphic Connoisseur

Discovering that ruling the world is not an easy or a solo act, he has joined Tonic International with the aim to develop and devise a better strategy to conquer as a team.

Before joining Tonic, Jad Rouhana—a dear amigo and a graduate from the same batch as himself—always shared the awesomeness of this environment and the family he was welcomed in. Little did Jad know, simply introducing MS to a few of us was the first steps of him joining this joyful and vibrant team.

Since his first day, this trip has been crazy and fun. Although his first encounter with most of the team was him showing us how to be slick in a bowling alley—it’s very simple: introduce yourself and slip butt first – he has enjoyed and learned from every moment here, and is extremely excited for the future to unfold.

I am delighted to have these three in our team and wish them all the best in their new adventures.