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4 trophies for Tonic at Transform Awards 2015

Last night, Tonic International was honoured to win 3 out of the 4 categories entered during the second annual Transform Awards. The gala dinner was held at The Address Hotel Dubai Marina and we walked away with 3 Gold trophies: “Best use of copy style/tone of voice” for S’wich, “Best …

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Tonic celebrates Halloween as it should

We had fun. Thanks to half the Tonicians in costumes it was great. A few highlights:

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GEee, how ironic!

When you think GE you probably think: ideas, innovation, technology, originality, or as their slogan says “Imagination at Work”. I thought so too, until I saw their recent “Ideas are Scary “ TV ad.   The TV commercial advocates for a culture of idea nurturing. GE created an …