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Tonic Dubai

#TimeToPlayBall is coolest cat food ad ever.

Temptation Tumblers’ new advert proves that pet food commercials can be awesome. Continuing our theme on spoof ads, US-based cat treat producers Mars’ new advert for Temptation Tumblers has taken pet treat ads to a whole new level. It pokes fun at the millions spent by the likes of Beats …

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Mind Mapping for Business or Pleasure!

As we grow older our potential for creativity drastically decreases due to an increase in our level of education. Our thoughts become more structured and systematic as opposed to when we were younger where our ideas were more flexible, imaginative and creative!  About a year ago I attended a workshop …

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Nothing personal…? It’s just business…?

Anyone who has ever known anyone in Advertising knows that it’s a demanding job for the restless. The stereotype of a person in advertising is this: A workaholic, party-loving, connection-thriving, art-thirsty lunatic (sorry- but you know it’s true)…aka Don Draper from Mad Men. Like all work environments, some believe that …