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Down’s syndrome girl scores points with FC Barcelona

This story had the Tonic branding department talking this week and conjured up plenty of fuzzy, warm feelings.

The possibility about a new signing is shaking things up at FC Barcelona. We’re not talking about a football legend or a child prodigy joining the club. We’re talking about the writing on the back of player’s uniforms.

A new font created by a 27-year-old woman with Down’s syndrome has caught the club bosses’ eyes. And if Nike, FC Barcelona’s main sponsor agrees, the font will soon appear on the player’s shirts.

What intrigues us about the font is that it uniquely uses a combination of upper- and lowercase characters. The script has been such a hit that it has been downloaded 9,000 times. Rightfully its creator has received congratulations from all parts of the world and we’d like to add our name to the list.  Congratulations, Anna!