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EPICA WINNER! TONIC is the first agency from UAE awarded in the Epica since 20 years!

TONIC has just won 2 Gold EPICAS and one Bronze finalist. Our first gold was our highly debated TVC Nandos Ramadan ad. Our second gold was our print campaign for Wonderbra. And the Bronze finalist was for our TVC Sony Kick it. We are very happy not only for this achievement but also for being the first advertising agency in the Middle East to win an EPICA. And on top two!

20.000 webfilm-hits can’t be wrong. The Nandos TVC has been embraced by everyone and sure raised some eyebrows. We have not only proven that solid creative work can come out of this region but also that you can reach out to the Muslim community through a humorous approach. After years of generic Ramadan ads we finally took away the excuse of only being allowed to do boring generic work.

Our Wonderbra ad also took a fresh and humorous look at censorship in this region. The fact that the censorship played an important role in highlighting the product benefits couldn’t have been a better help. We hoped that touching on topics like this will start stirring things and awake a debate. Fact is that over the past few months graphical censorship has eased quite remarkably, and we would like to think that we contributed to this matter. Who knows.

Finally or SONY kick it TVC. We didn’t win a gold, sure, but we would like to mention who we got beaten by. Fallon London’s SONY paint campaign directed by Jonathan Glazer with a multi million dollar budget. Fact is they spent more money on the “making of” of the commercial than we did in our TVC. Anyways, we have proven that we can be in the same league as the big boys now and are looking forward to next years competition.