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Greatness for Nathan in London

Carrying on from my last blog entry, Nike have launched another ad based in London (Ohio).  It features a 12 year old boy, his name is Nathan and greatness is not beyond his reach, nor is it any of us.

According to a report in his hometown newspaper, the Record Herald, Nathan is 5-foot-3-inches tall, weighs 200 pounds and was found in a Nike scouting session at his school.

Nathan is not a regular runner, in fact, he told the local paper that he threw up during the first take.

But his determined, sweat-soaked jog is real enough. I can’t help but think of theoverweight kids out there who might be inspired to lace up the sneakers of their choice and get moving too. Some people commenting on the YouTube video of the ad are calling Nathan a hero.

Others accuse Nike of exploiting an obese kid or suggest that if the company really wants to inspire the world, it should help him lose weight and show the results.

Being in the ad industry, I think “good on you Nathan for getting out there” and “great work Nike on a tough subject matter”.