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How the one-winged bee can teach our children

How our children see the world depends on what we show them.This is the first entertainment video in a roll out of a children’s entertainment platform, from One Winged Bee Productions in New Zealand. It will be followed by  two more episodes and also ebooks will be available through I tunes.

Emily_FacebookThe show was created by my old friend John McCabe, written by John McCabe and Murray Grindlay and produced by Marg Slater.

“The thought behind it is that there is so much entertainment out there that parents really have little control over what kids watch. The One Winged Bee called Emily gives parents an opportunity to put something good into the mix”says McCabe.

We are already in discussions with brands that would like to align themselves with this show, so in the end it will hopefully be a textbook example of how to do branded entertainment.

One way to change the world is to start with the next generation. Kids have open minds and consequently you can put pretty much anything in there and it will get absorbed.

Emily's Friends

People with disabilities or impairments – people who a little different want and aspire to the same things as the rest of us.

Meet The One Winged Bee called Emily. She doesn’t fly straight, but you shouldn’t feel sorry for her.

She ends up in much more interesting places than the other bees.
Here is her launch show.

It is free to download so please feel free to share.