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In the spirit of Ramadan

Music has the power to connect people, inspire, motivate, uplift and empower. At a recent visit to Sparrow Rainbow village, music began to fill a once empty room and the smiling faces of children, some as young as five began jiving to the beat of local South African hip hop and house music shadowing the reason which brought them all together to start off with, HIV/AIDS.

On a recent Velocity shoot for Sony with director Jeana Theron, Sony donated the incredible sound system used in the shoot and Velocity chose the Sparrow Rainbow Village as its beneficiary.

Sparrow rainbow village is the only HIV/AIDS dedicated hospice care-facility on the West rand of Johannesburg (South Africa). Through housing, education, training and counseling the Village cares for over 350 men, women and children who have been diagnosed with or directly affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The construction of a hall to be used for music, song and dance initiatives has recently been completed. The hall boasts drum kits, a full compliment of instruments for a marimba band, and guitars. The Villages’ motto is “Get up and live” and this is exactly what happened as the Sony Hi-Fi was plugged in and turned up to full blast.

Dawn Bell, Head of Fundraising and PR at Sparrow Rainbow Ministries was overjoyed and said, “the Sony Hi-Fi could not have come at a better time. It would be used in the official opening of the Music hall and later used for teaching dance and used in various Sparrow rainbow village initiatives.” The Hi-Fi apart from being a gift would go a long way to bringing joy into the lives of the adults and children at Sparrow Rainbow Village and was the perfect way to help inspire and uplift the children who face a difficult life each and every day.”

Thanks to Client: Sony Gulf FZE, Agency: Tonic communications, Dubai and Production Company Velocity Films, South Africa for an amazing end to a great shoot.

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