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Inspiration Stage – Creativity pays up in Afghanistan

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Look no further than Volkswagen’s betrayal to know that a company’s behaviour is a much bigger contributor to its image than any form of advertising will ever be.

That is what Tonic’s discussion entailed at the Lynx Festival on the 8th of March. Arnaud (Head of Strategy), Jacqui (Head of Media) & Altaf (COO of Roshan) shared the limelight on the inspiration stage to speak about Roshan Telecom’s investment of most of its profits into developing Afghanistan’s medical & educational sectors.

Roshan entered the Afghanistan market in 2004 as a social enterprise. With the help of the innovation and creativity of our fellow Tonicians, Roshan became and maintained their position as number one in a very challenging and competitive market.
They won countless awards along the way, and were eventually named in “FastCompany’s World top 10 most innovative companies of 2015 in Social Good”, and “Fortune’s 2015 Change the World List”. It’s a great example of corporate social responsibility at its finest.

Furthermore, since early 2013 when Roshan first signed up with Tonic, they have also won a significant amount of International Awards, including: Transform Awards 2015, Social Media Awards 2015, Ethical Corp Awards & Social Contribution Awards at the Asia Communication Awards 2014.
This is a testament to the fact that advertising can be used for good; to spread goodwill; to change images, and most importantly: to change lives.

Enjoy the talk here: