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Introducing the new Tonician – Samira Abdelmalek

Words of introduction from the enthusiastic newest member of our team, Samira Abdelmalek:
Samira Normal
I’ve been working in the UAE for the past 6 years, and in Tonic for the last 2 months. So far, I’ve been happily surprised!
Given that Dubai is a multicultural place, it’s sometimes hard to feel it in the workplace. However, in Tonic, it’s more than easy; 50 employees and 27 nationalities! Everyone is always mingling here, and the range of personalities has let me know the true definition of diversity!
On the work front, I have been given the responsibility of handling one of Tonic’s main digital projects as of now, pushing me to be pro-active & independent, and to learn as much as possible in a very short time.
On the personal front, it was my Birthday a few days ago, and that really helped me get along with a lot of the people here. All in all, Tonic seems like an incredible place to work at, and I’m looking forward to a very fulfilling learning experience!