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Is this the worst ad ever? Or is it the best?

OK, first of all, you’ll need to watch this new ad for Samsung’s 840 EVO SSD. Words simply can’t do it justice.



It’s difficult to decide which is worst. Is it the acting (I love the stereotypical Asian geek who keeps staring at something on the ceiling), the graphs, the appalling casting, the sexist or racist stereotypes, the sterile environment they “live” in, the typed questions and answers that make no sense??? You decide.

It’s terribly bad on so many levels, I think it will be almost impossible to make a parody of it.
So, 1 point for making sure it will stay in its original form, 1 more point for stupidity that will spread like wildfire, and 1 extra point because I am sure once you’ve seen it  you will want to watch it again to decide which is your favourite part.

Samsung 840 EVO SSD

But most importantly, 1o points for making the best ad ever for Apple. Bravo Samsung keep it up!