Branding Image

It was a fun week in Tonic Dubai for both branding and advertising

First we had Scott’s birthday celebrations on Oct 26th.

We had a host of crazy posters appearing across the office. Here’s a sample of my favourites.

Then we did Halloween Tonic-style. Originally the celebration was meant as a hoax to tease Mamta. For those who don’t know Mamta there are three things you need to know. She loves organising parties, she hates missing good office parties and her favourite holiday is Halloween because she can wear crazy costumes.

No problem of course, except she was on leave during Halloween this year. She also made sure to brief us about not organising Halloween without her. So what did we do? Like any self-respectful Tonician would do, we set-up a “fake” Halloween party. We sent this invite.

Making sure she was copied on all the emails, we then spoke in anticipation about the games, the costume contests, the mid afternoon drinking and all sorts of really cool games which were to (not) happen, and started the “decoration”.

Despite her leave, Mamta was prompt to catch on. First with sadness “This is sooo sad, without me???” which quickly escalated to threats “I hate you all!!!! So mean 🙁 we have to have round 2 Halloween costume party when I’m back. You can’t have games, alcohol and costumes without me.”


As the flurry of emails escalated on the day of the “non” party, we simply got “radio silence”. We were to learn that at that point she was just complaining non-stop to her husband. God bless him.

The funny part is that the hoax worked a bit too well and led to a mini Halloween party. Just enough to post “party” photos.

She came back on Sunday and of course nobody said anything. I have to say she put on a very brave face, managing to almost not talk to anyone but the tension was palpable.

Yesterday we knew it was all revealed when we heard her scream… It was a lot of work but it was all worth it… and now we can finally blog about it.