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Latest ad campaigns from Tonic, for Audi, Smart Telecom and

It’s been a busy beginning of the year so far.

Here are three very different examples of what we’ve been up to, in order of appearance.

We produced the latest Audi A8 L global campaign. It’s a beautiful TV and print campaign positioning Audi’s flagship as the “One and Only” for men with discerning taste. So far 15 countries have used it.

Audi_A8 L_OneOnly_Large

Then there’s the unique Smart Telecom East African launch campaign. Unique not because we don’t launch a new telecom operator very often, but because we launched it without a name. The launch campaign started as a crowdsourcing campaign at the end of 2014 and culminated with the “Selfies”campaign.


Finally, there’s a controversial TV commercial for Check out the TV commercial and the making off below:

Let us know what you think of all three. We’d love to get your feedback.