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Fly me to the moon


It’s that time of year when I start thinking about where to go for a Summer vacation.  Should I take a city break and visit friends and family, or should I go on a beach vacation to work on my tan while sipping on exotic fruit cocktails?

Well KLM have thrown a spanner in the works this year.  They are offering travel into space aboard the SCX Lynx spacecraft.  The journey takes you to Curacao where the spaceflight will commence.  After a mission briefing and medical check, you are ready for take-off from Hato Airport.  You rapidly accelerate into orbit, breaking the sound barrier and reaching a maximum altitude of 100km.  Here you experience weightlessness and marvel at breath-taking views of the planet.  As you re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere, prepare for a maximum 4.5 g-force experience before safely gliding back to Earth in Curacao.

Super cool! I think this beats going to see the family or any exotic fruit cocktail on the beach.

The only question I have now is, how many frequent flyer points do I get and can I check-in online?