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Local vs. imported water

If you live in the UAE you will be all too familiar with restaurants that only serve expensive luxury liquid from far-flung regions. Many residents are becoming more savvy and asking for local water instead, but the majority of restaurants just don’t offer that option. Which is why I am pleased with the creators of

The staff at branding agency MBLM was fed-up with paying up to Dhs 20 more for a bottle of imported water. So they developed a website where the public can search whether the restaurants they wish to visit sell local water. You can also add restaurants to the list.

I am all for this project. Not only is local water cheaper, buying it supports the local economy and dramatically reduces your personal carbon footprint – the website shows that water from Fiji travels an astonishing 14,206 km, while the furthest local water will travel is 127 km.

Well done to the guys at I have been insisting on drinking local ever since I arrived in the UAE 2 years ago. After all, what is wrong with a glass of Masafi, Al Ain, or Oasis? I hope this initiative will encourage restaurants to start supporting what, in essence, is a noble cause.