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Modern Brands in a consumer empowered world

Tonic’s head of Digital, Mamta Varerkar, recently moderated a panel at the very exciting Step Conference this April. The panelists were Asad Rehman, who is responsible for managing Unilever’s media investments across Middle East and Africa, and Michel Malkoun, the COO of Digital Media services, which is the digital media arm of the Choueiri Group.
The panel topic addressed a very important issue where brands need to adapt the way they communicate to the new empowered consumer. Gone are the days of top-down communication, where brands use one copy to speak to the entire family with one message. We now need to address each consumer, with a message that is relevant to them at their stage of the purchase funnel and on the device and format where they are receptive to consume these messages.

For more about the topic, watch the video here/below: