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Mural Drawing Fools

Our senior designer Rollan (aka Dogboy of The Brown Monkeys) and Art Director Diya (aka VJ *Chroma*) have teamed up with urban underground maestro Ubik (of Cliché magazine) to form the city’s newest art collective : M.D.F (**Mural Drawing Fools**)- collaboratively conceiving and executing original contemporary wall art.

M.D.F has started getting commissions from the likes of The Jam Jar and and is currently producing 10 hip-hop inspired murals for local hip hop act Diligent Thought’s latest music video- to be aired on MTV by the end of the year. As part of The Apartment Lounge & Club’s new venture “Just Kidding”- a platform for art, music and fashion hosted at the club every Saturday, M.D.F did a live mural performance on a 2 metre x 1.2 metre sheet of reject construction material.

M.D.F is available for commissions and events. Email