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My daddy is in advertising

I was recently asked by one of the teachers at my son’s school to do a talk on advertising. It was my opportunity to enlighten young minds on how to do great advertising before their minds got completely corrupted by the next DAMAC or Du ads.

It started out nicely, 5 minutes later half the class was asleep. I had to use my secret weapon – I started showing them some of the ads we’d recently done. Sony’s “Kick” spot quickly woke them up and by the time they had seen our Nando’s ad, they were falling off their chairs.

It was amazing to see the level of intelligence these kids possessed when asked to come up with ideas on the spot. Then the questions started. How much money do you make? How many ads have you done? What’s the worst ad you’ve ever done? Do you dye your hair? I answered as many as I could and gave them some advice on their packaging design, a class project they were working on. I then said goodbye happy in the knowledge that maybe some of these bright young souls will have the sense not to get into advertising.