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New Campaigns

While some companies have been moping around because of the financial crisis, we’ve been pretty busy in the past few weeks. Yes we’ve seen some budget cuts and have had some clients “disappear” over night, but that hasn’t stopped us coming up with ideas that were pretty inexpensive to produce thanks to the skills of our Designers and Art Directors. The first set of ads is for the Kids Park Zoo in Abu Dhabi created by the Rio Brothers Valerio and Dario. These simple executions show us that you can keep costs down and still create a memorable campaign that kids will love and remember.


We’ve used illustrations in the past for Burger King with our BK Joe campaign and it worked wonders. There’s a lot of freedom with illustrations that you don’t necessarily have with traditional photography and here is another example. These illustrations were beautifully created by Renata Giovannoni and the stories written by Kris Richardson. Full of fun, full of drama and perfect for the product on offer – the deliciously indulgent Burger King Chocolate Soufflé.