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New paradigms all over again…


Just when you thought you finally figured it out the basics…

Print ads are not prints ads, Coca-cola makes people truly happy, luxury brands get big on Facebook, and nobody can figure out if the product placement benefits the product or the “place”. And just when you thought you finally figured out what sneakers were supposed to look like and how to read a book. Think again!

Top10 Print

10 great magazine ads

They don’t just sit there looking pretty, they are mad as hell >>SEE

Coke Truck

Coca-Cola Happiness Truck

A Coke delivery truck is converted into a happiness machine on wheels. >>WATCH

Audi FB

Top Facebook brands

BMW, Clinique, Audi top luxury brands on Facebook . >>LEARN


AA’s on-board Galaxy

The marketing coup comes at a good time for both AA and Samsung. >>DECIDE

Hussein Puma

Hussein Chalayan x Puma

Global brand Puma has been working with designer Hussein Chalayan for a while now. He’s just released his Fall 11 collection that’s a 100m dash away from sports and fitness. Chalayan is one of the most recognizable names in the industry and his designs are worn by everyone from Lady Gaga to Tilda Swinton. In this video from , the designer explains his new collaboration collection with Puma.. >>SEE HOW

Bing Jay-Z

Truly amazing! Bing | Decode Jay-Z

Jay-Z and his fans make history. Every single page of “Decoded” was released into the world and recompiled before the book hit stores.
See how it all unfolded and get the tools you need to see all of Jay’s decoded pages and the fans who found them. >>NEW STORY TELLING

Internet access is now a human right

As evidenced by the Facebook Revolutions and ensuing Middle East turmoil, the Internet is a powerful tool and one capable of change. Of course, its eliminating citizen use of the Web under oppressive regimes has also yielded consequences. Perhaps inspired by these effects, the UN has declared the Internet a human right. A recent report titled “Report of the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression” declares that Internet access falls under freedom of expression.
While the report may have especially poignant significance for Middle Eastern nations, it applies internationally. >>LEARN

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