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Everyday there seems to be a new face at Tonic, even trying to remember their names is becoming a problem and some people don’t take kindly to being called ‘hey you’. This month we have a newbie in almost every department, obviously a little more in creative.

Diya Ajit joins Fionn Geaney to form the agency’s newest creative team. They’ve only been together for a few days and already they’re inseparable. She’s the only Art Director I know that can’t use a mouse, but now that we’ve finally bought her a Wacom, I can see the great ideas flowing from her Mac.

Another new recruit for the creative department is Dennis Andrews de Paul and apart from remarkably having two first names in his surname and having an uncanny resemblance to Millhouse from the Simpsons, Dennis is a Mac wizard who makes sure every bit of creative that leaves the agency is 100% right. (I hope he’s reading this)

Komal Patwari joins Tonic PR and is the reason it took so long for me to post this bit of agency news. She’s a little camera shy and made us retouch the final image at least three times. And she says I’m vain…

A self-confessed pop-culture addict, Nadja Carr joins us as an Account Director. For her small size, she sure gets people to listen to her. Maybe it’s the well-placed profanities she strategically inserts into every sentence when communicating with the creative department, or maybe it’s the fact that she once ran with the Triads;)

Last but not least, our youngest recruit with the biggest personality and voted Face Book friend of the year, Lamis Harib. Not only does she allow us to fulfil our Emiratisation quota, but also she’s a damn good designer/writer/artist and well Facebooker.