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Nothing personal…? It’s just business…?

Anyone who has ever known anyone in Advertising knows that it’s a demanding job for the restless. The stereotype of a person in advertising is this:

A workaholic, party-loving, connection-thriving, art-thirsty lunatic (sorry- but you know it’s true)…aka Don Draper from Mad Men.

Like all work environments, some believe that because of our industry’s harsh nature and fast pace, there is no room for being personal or taking things to heart, as ‘this is strictly business’. That phrase always gets to me. See the thing is: Why is making it personal a bad thing???

Making it personal should not be confused with taking it personally. The first is pouring all your effort and personal time and personal energy into something to ensure the best output possible. The latter is being thin-skinned and taking criticism of work as a criticism of you. BIG NO!

Fact is: we probably spend more time at work than we do at home, and we spend more time with our co-workers (aka fellow lunatics) than we do with our families and friends, so fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how happy you are at work), it/they will most probably have a huge impact on who you become as a person. And for anyone who is passionate about their job and carries it out with a whole lot of heart, it IS personal. IT IS AS PERSONAL AS IT GETS.

So be personal; do it with heart and passion. Just try not to lose sight of the important things in life while you’re at it.

Submitted by Reem Al Shak’a