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One for the sneaker freaks


I am not a ‘sneaker freak’ but I do love to follow Onitsuka Tiger.

They have just launched another global campaign titled “Craft of Movement”.

The new work marks a shift in strategy for Onitsuka Tiger. The brand has redefined its proposition to appeal to and connect with a wider audience. Departing from the heritage-focused “Made of Japan” communication platform, the new positioning, defined by my friends at Blast Radius, takes inspiration from modern Japan and Onitsuka Tiger’s inherent dedication to detail.

For the campaign, Blast Radius teamed up with Tokyo-based collective NAM – renowned for its fantastically staged portrayals of movement – to create a beautifully crafted, hyper-real portrait of modern Japan.

Working around the clock for 72 hours with a team of art students from Musahino and Tama universities, NAM recreated scenes of urban Tokyo – using their deliberately visible trademark threads to freeze-frame objects in dynamic motion. From a teetering fishbowl in a design studio to a bento box breezing through the cherry blossoms, the excruciatingly detailed sets represent the fluidity of daily movement – punctuated by Onitsuka-Tiger-wearing models in various states of suspended animation.  See the making of here.


The campaign, which includes a film of the models moving through the set to an original electro-glitch-pop track by Danish musicians Star Athlete, will be rolled out in-store and in print across all Onitsuka Tiger markets globally. It will also form key content in the brand’s social media territories and for the upcoming launch of the new website.

If you want to see a few older versions of the “Made of Japan” strategy, check them out here.  The Zodiac Race was done for the 60th birthday and the Electric Light Shoe, both done by my friends at Amsterdam Worldwide.