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Yas Waterworld Survival of the fittest

On Saturday, 22 March, 8 Tonicians competed in the Yas Waterworld Survival of the fittest corporate challenge against 9 other teams. The two teams were Aqua Tonic (Stuart, Jad, Linda and Amr) and Sonic Tonic (Usman, Hugo, Ashraf and Victor). The challenges were no easy feat, the team members had …

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Already a second batch of Tonician newbies for 2014

Hugo Fournier joins Tonic as a Strategic Planner. Even though he describes himself as a “French Canadian” just to avoid awkward confusion right at a beginning of a conversation, he believes he’s one of those “Québécois pure laine” (just Google it). That said, he’s obviously a maple syrup and poutine mad …

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Just Another Day in our Dubai Office?

Yesterday was really hectic. And to make sure nobody forgot that day, we did this. Can you guess what’s happening?