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Cazar launches

Cazar offers a smarter recruitment platform for businesses that want to connect with potential candidates. But if you’re going to be perceived as a trusted service provider you need a name and identity with clout. Formerly named Hiring Solutions Company, our client approached us for a full brand building service. …

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Did you really think we stopped partying? Being insanely busy was no excuse

While we have been busier than ever before we did not stop celebrating what had to. The only thing we forgot was to blog about it. So in this post, in order of appearance, I’ll post 4 in one go. A wedding celebration, two birthdays and a new win. All …

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Big tv budgets are not dead

I came across a great a TVC today for Samsung that proves that big budgets are not dead. Samsung are launching their latest Smart TV.  That’s all great, but when I saw this I could only think of the production value. Watch the TVC here. Every second that goes by …