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Do you really have all the fun you can get with your car? Think again

First you’ll need a basic equipment of at least two 2013 450 horsepower Audi RS 4 Avants. Then you mount a paintball gun on the hood. Just enough to make James Bond jealous. And voila! It looks like an insanely fun way to play paintball. “Like” this entry enough and maybe we can …

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What a shame! HP remains the same

  HP with the help of Moving Brands hoped to transform its perception and introduce a whole new way of portraying the company. First, the good news: Moving Brands has posted a fantastic and detailed case study of their work here and I highly recommend reading every bit and watching every video as it …

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Time for a good cause and classical music?

We’ve been trying to help Senses, Senses Residential and Day Care Centre, since we first heard of the wonderful work they do for children with special needs in Dubai. Unfortunately we can never do as much as we hope. This post is to make up a little for this and I …